The UIT Growth Equity General Partnership seeks to identify and invest in high growth, late-stage, venture capital-backed private companies. The Partnership’s goal is to provide Canadian investors with access to unique, tax-efficient private investment opportunities with the potential for significant risk-adjusted returns. The fund’s focus is on building a high growth, high quality portfolio of investments with diversification across themes including cloud and big data, education, marketplaces, sustainability, social/mobile.

The UIT Growth Equity GP is a privately owned investment partnership, that includes Faircourt Asset Management Inc. and various Partners with extensive experience in the area of private equity. The directors and officers of the UIT Growth Equity GP have experience in analyzing and understanding the risks associated with private investments, discretionary investment management, asset management, and the overall investment process. The team collectively possesses over 125 years of investment industry experience, in the Canadian, U.S. and International markets.


Fund Summary

Offering Memorandum

Quick Facts
Asset Class Private Equity
Minimum Initial Investment $50,000 USD
Management Fee 1%

UIT Growth Equity Limited Partnership is a limited partnership established under the laws of the Province of Ontario.

The investment objective of the Partnership is to provide Limited Partners with the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing in the equity securities, convertible securities and/or preferred shares of late-stage pre-IPO private issuers. “Growth Equity” investment occurs in that period in a private company’s trajectory when it stays private for longer than traditional time frames, raising additional capital via venture capital funds allowing the company to grow exponentially prior to a going public transaction.

The Partnership will purchase equity securities, convertible securities and/or preferred shares of investee companies and will hold such securities until a liquidity event for the investee Company, following which the Partnership will distribute the net proceeds realized by the Partnership in connection with the liquidity event to Limited Partners

Members of the General Partner have been involved in gathering information on late-stage, U.S.$1 billion plus companies in North America for the past five years. During this time, they have gained expertise in identifying opportunities for investment in private issuers at competitive prices as well as building expertise in obtaining access to issuer financial and performance information.

The General Partner has a database of shareholders and information that is continually expanding which is furthered by its relationships in Silicon Valley, New York and other venture capital investment areas.  Through the relationships of the General Partner’s management team, and the successful completion of share acquisitions in the growth equity space


The Manager and the General Partner believe that later stage well known, privately funded companies offer attractive growth opportunities for accredited investors. Increasingly, private companies elect to stay private for longer raising capital to build global brands, with large install bases and…

As a way to access this unique asset class, the Manager and the General Partner have ….



Over the last 20 years, technology companies have stayed in private hands, raising multiple rounds of capital from founders, venture funds and investment banks to achieve their growth objectives long before they enter the public markets.

Charts 4

Source: A16Z, CaplQ

The Funds primary focus are those companies that have the following criteria:

  • Minimum $1 Billion USD Valuation
  • Brand name awareness
  • If you are not currently using them, then a friend or family member is
  • Install base of  100 million plus users
  • Global Platform
  • Employee Base over 100
  • Generating Significant Cash Flow


Charts for UIT Growth Website

Source: Initial Public Offerings: Updated Statistics, Jay R. Ritter, Cordell Professor of Finance, University of Florida

SOURCE: University of Florida, Offer Price > $5.00, incl. Amex, NYSE, NASDAQ, CapitalIQ


Charts for UIT Growth Website
Annual Returns for 10-year period Jan 2007 – Dec 2016


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